13 December 2018

Summer is finally here, and with warm weather sweeping across the country more of us are starting to spend our weekends outside again. Having a deck or a patio is the perfect way to create indoor/outdoor flow and hanging the right window treatment on the door between the two spaces can make for both a stylish and functional transition. There are a few options that lend themselves to the kind of door you have or the style of home you live in, but here’s a quick look at how the right blinds can elevate your lifestyle.

Sliding or bi-fold doors

The best thing about sliding glass and bi-fold doors is that, no matter the size, you have an uninterrupted view outside. So whether it leads out to the backyard, the balcony or the deck, it’s important to install blinds that won’t compromise it.

Vertical blinds lend themselves well here because they offer privacy you can control whether the door is open or not. At night, they can be closed so that no one can see in, but on a hot day you can open them right back for an unimpeded look outside or adjust the slats so that you’ve got the perfect amount of light shining through.

Sunscreen roller blinds, on the other hand, let the sun shine into your home while they’re down. They block up to 70% of the sun’s heat and glare so they’re perfect for protecting furniture without blocking your view. And because they’re resistant to changing temperature they won’t stretch over time, making them virtually maintenance free. They even come in motorised options you can control from your smartphone.

French doors

A classic look in any home, French doors come in both aluminium and traditional wooden options that suit a range of styles. They’re great for utilising smaller rooms because they provide a wide access outside without taking up as much space as a sliding or bi-fold door, and the right blinds can really make them pop.

Wooden or not, Venetian blinds look great on French doors. They can be made to fit across each door for a classic look, and because you can adjust the amount of light they block it’s possible to maintain your privacy, let the breeze in and keep the door open on a hot summer’s day.

Made here in Auckland, our consultants make it easy to find the perfect blinds for any space. We come to you at your convenience and can provide free samples so that you can be sure of your decision. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to make an appointment. And if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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