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Ven-lu-ree Blind Services is now Blindworks.  We are still the same team and the same full-service offering of blind manufacturing expertise and aftersales care. Our team of professionals still come to you, take your blinds and return them looking good as new.

Cleaning your blinds improves the atmosphere in your home as our cleaning removes dust, dirt, grease and many other stains – including marks caused by sticky fingers and pets. 


Whether your blinds are in your home or office we offer a comprehensive blind cleaning service. No hassle or fuss having to take the blinds down yourself, we will take them down clean (and repair if necessary) and reinstall them for you.

Please note – this service is available only in the Auckland Metropolitan area.


Keeping your blinds looking as good as the day they were installed shouldn’t be a chore. We recommend a professional clean once a year to ensure your blinds work perfectly.


We’ll come to you, remove the blinds and take them to be cleaned and laundered at our purpose-built facility, or you can drop them in at your convenience.


Because we’re based right here in Auckland, we can ensure a fast turnaround to get them back to you as soon as possible.
We use nothing but biodegradable cleaners to remove dust, stains and any smells so that when they’re re-hung they’ll look good as new.

Types of blinds we clean

We’re well known for our top class, professional blind cleaning and laundering services. Our prices are fantastic, regardless of size, and the process couldn’t be easier or simpler: one of our expert blind technicians removes them from your windows and returns them cleaned and/or repaired to be professionally rehung. Plus, we use only biodegradable cleaners to ensure we do our best to help protect the environment.

25mm aluminium Venetian blinds

All cleaning happens at our factory to ensure a controlled quality process. This means no mess at your place! Your aluminium Venetian blinds will be laundered to an exceptional standard in our specially developed facility where we catch and use our own fresh water to wash them, and we dry your blinds prior to returning them to you. This service is usually completed within the day.

Wood-look blinds

Wood-look blinds are not sensitive to water like a natural wooden blind so we launder these blinds using our professional Venetian cleaning process. Your blinds will be returned cleaned, dried and lubricated. This service is usually same day.

Wooden blinds

Wooden blind cleaning requires that extra bit of TLC. Each slat is hand cleaned and polished with a solution designed to enhance the finish of the wood and has natural oils and emulsifiers. This service is usually same day.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blind fabric requires soaking to lift all the underlying dirt and dust and drying naturally is imperative to ensure the blind is not damaged. This means vertical blind takes a little longer than our other same-day cleans and will be with us for approx. 5 working days.

Roller and sunscreen roller blinds

Laundering roller and sunscreen blinds involves using a specifically formulated solution designed to clean the fabric without discolouring or harming it in any way. They are also left to dry naturally so the entire process takes around 5 working days.